MacinMec Group at the 22nd Nitrogen Cycle in Cordoba (September 2017).

Excellent science, wonderful city and old friends! Francesca Cutruzzolà and Serena Rinaldo have presented their results on NO and biofilms.

MacinMec Group Members (Giulia Guiducci and Federico Mantoni) attended several meetings in Summer 2017 and have been awarded Travel Grants from the selection Committees. In particular:

Congratulations to Giulia Guiducci for the selection of her poster for a short talk at   the following meetings:

FEBS Molecular mechanisms of signal transduction and cancer (Greece- August 2017).

FEBS Course on Oncometabolism: from conceptual knowledge to clinical applications (Portugal – June 2017)- see picture below.


Congratulations to Federico Mantoni for the selection at the Meet the speaker dinner with Urs Jenal at the BACNET 2017 meeting (Spain September 2017)

MacinMec Group at the first MOBIEU Plenary meeting (PORTO,PT)

Building Bridges in Biophysics | 22 – 24 March 2017